Introduces Saigon City – Pearl of the Orient

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng Introduces Ho Chi Minh City – Pearl of the Orient

Once considered “pearl of the orient”, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is Vietnam’s center of commerce and the country’s biggest city. Nowadays, Vietnam Airlines offers domestic and international flights to major tourism destinations around Vietnam making it easy for travelers to travel the country.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (PRWEB) February 28, 2014

Once considered “pearl of the orient”, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is Vietnam's center of commerce and the country's biggest city. Nowadays, Vietnam Airlines offers domestic and international flights to major tourism destinations around Vietnam making it easy for travelers to travel the country.

Through more than 300 hundred years, Ho Chi Minh City, also the former Sai Gon, has become one of the largest and most bustling center over the country. The former Saigon has changed significantly since Southern Liberation Day but still keeps its own ancient beauty. Tourists coming to Vietnam cannot help visiting this “pearl of the orient” once.

Ho Chi Minh City is the most crowded city and also the largest center of economy, culture, and education of Vietnam. The city is the traffic center of the South including railways, roads, waterways and airways. From Ho Chi Minh City, there are highways to Hanoi and even to cities in Indochina. Tan Son Nhat international airport which is the greatest airport in the country with a large number of domestic and international flights is only 7km away from the city center.

The climate of Ho Chi Minh City is mild all the year round with two typical seasons: rainy and dry seasons. The rain season lasts from May to November and the rest of the year is dry season. The average temper here is about 27 Celsius which brings the tourists the feeling of comfort and relax.

With various tourism destinations, Ho Chi Minh City attracts 70 percent of international tourists coming to Vietnam annually. This is because besides good facilities and convenient traffic, the city also has rich tourism resources. The land has connected closely with the historical struggle of Vietnamese for independence since the French colonialists set their foot in Vietnam. The city was also the place where President Ho Chi Minh left to find the way for saving the country in 1911. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City has a large museum system, up to 11 museums and uncountable historical vestiges.

Ho Chi Minh City museum is the ideal destination for those who want to learn about the history and culture since the first human kind set foot on this land. While Museum of Fine Arts exhibits mainly some ancient works of Europe, the Vietnamese History Museum would introduce to visitors several traditional statues and handicraft items of Oc Eo and Champa culture. Tourists may learn more about the great victory of Vietnamese in the fight against the U.S when they visit the Museum of Ho Chi Minh campaign.

One of the most famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh City is the French architectural system with schools of various architecture and art styles. Especially, visitors may contemplate fully the Western art style when coming to District 1, the city center. Notre Dame brings a romantic beauty of the magnificent Paris mixed with the Roman style. Meanwhile, the center post office is the perfect combination of European and Asian styles.

Ho Chi Minh City is home for more than 1000 temples, pagodas, and shrines which were built over hundred years ago. Tourists may find peaceful moments and explore the harmony of modern style and traditional temple architecture. Some of temples that should not be ignored are: Saigon One Pillar Pagoda, Bat Buu Phat Dai Pagoda, Ba Temple and Vinh Nghiem Pagoda.

Recently, the city made huge investments to develop local tourism with the aim of becoming the first-top destination of Vietnam. Several resorts and amusement parks are built to meet the entertainment need of local people and tourists. Historical vestiges and old buildings are being restored to conserve their precious values. Traditional festivals are celebrated annually to promote traditional culture tourists all over the world. With potential advantages as well as efforts of authorities and local people, Ho Chi Minh City is becoming the true pearl of oriental tourism.    

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