Saigon in 31 Asia’s Cheapest Cities by price for 2017 Travel

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Graphic Reveals Asia’s Cheapest Cities for 2017 Travel

The Asia Backpacker Index for 2017 reveals the cheapest cities for budget travel. Simply Holiday Deals, along with Price of Travel, has released an infographic highlighting the top 10 destinations.


Based on updated research compiling general travel costs for travellers, the Simply Holiday Deals infographic announces Pokhara, Nepal, as Asia’s cheapest travel destination for 2017. You can see the full infographic at

Price of Travel’s Asia Backpacker Index ranks 31 of the most popular tourist cities, from cheapest to most expensive. It reveals that the most budget-friendly destinations are, ultimately, comparable in price to each other. This means there’s ample choice for travellers this year, from Vietnam’s charming Hoi An to up-and-coming Yangon, in Burma.
Research for the Asia Backpacker Index includes per day prices for an accommodation, two public transport rides, one famous attraction, three budget meals and an entertainment budget including beer, or dessert and coffee.

“Our main goal is to help our members travel the world at discounted rates. By partnering with Price of Travel annually we can provide a useful guide letting our UK members know where they will get the most out of their pound. In a post-Brexit world everyone is more cautious of currency conversion rates and finding destinations that will allow them to get the most out of their holiday”. said Brian Jones, Managing Director of Simply Holiday Deals.

The infographic displays destinations offering the best price for each key area of travel converted into British Pounds for Brits to easily find and locate destinations offering the best price for each key area of travel. For example, Chiang Mai has the cheapest accommodation per night, at £2.25 and the best value meals, at £4.49 a day. Delhi offers the most cost-effective transport, at only 36p a day for two trips.

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